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This is my advocacy. It is here where I along with my colleagues create more meaningful travels for the Filipino people.

We add the humanitarian fulfillment of Filipino social advocacy to basic travel for backpackers and adventure-seekers to experience a more meaningful journey in life.

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Inside Sarawak Cover Design

Adobe Photoshop PDF


This is the cover of the publication that accompanied the Inside Sarawak Event held last June 2013.

The event covered Qatar’s investment in the developing economy of Sarawak region in Malaysia.

Inside Interface Design

Redesigned ii Homepage_background_version2 Redesigned ii Homepage_background_version3
Here are intended design overhaul that was for landing page.


ASEAN Halal Economy Infographics

Adobe Photoshop PDF

A reflection of how Halal is monetary shaping the ASEAN economy.


ASEAN Population Growth Infographics

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Here is the projected growth of the ASEAN population in the coming years.

Haze in Singapore

Blaze Haze

Here is the documentation of the Blazing Haze that caught Singapore last June 2013.