Ignite Social Media Call Out Posters

Well one of my advocacy was to participate in a church’s singles group. I recently did some social media call-out poster for iGnite and here they are:

FB-Square FB Square


Elevate High Flyer Design

I have a friend who is a Pastor in CCF. He handles the group that caters to high school and early college demographics. One time we tried to collaborate for a design that can influence their demographics to participate in CCF Elevate High. Here is the design sample.


Aladdin Set Design

If you viewed the Theatre Poster for Aladdin that I posted, here are the set designs that they constructed for the play.

020304  06 05 07 08 09


Aladdin Poster Design

I think this here would be my outreach for children. I have been doing work for Kids Act Philippines Inc., an organization which uses the beauty of theatre to motivate children interaction. They recently did a series for Aladdin and these would be its poster design. I am posting the phases of the design process. Hope you’d like it.

Poster1 Poster2 Poster3 Poster4

Will Tower Mall Print Materials

WilTarp_Design3 WilTarp_Design2 WilTarp_Design1

These are the proposed tarpaulin to unveil the mall in its upcoming launch.

PrintAd_2 PrintAd_1 PrintAd_3

These are the proposed print series that presents the grandness and spacious nature that the mall exemplifies.

Soon3 Soon2 Soon1

These now are the various proposed interior board teasers for the various boutiques that are displayed in the initial launch of the mall.

Will Tower Mall Teaser (Video)

For the launch of the luxurious Will Tower Mall. I created this video to highlight the grand space they offer to their upscale customers.

Energo Drive Storyboard

Driving Teaser 15s


Here is a STB that I did for an energy drink. I must say the final outcome didn’t give justice to the board.

The final output could be seen here: